Our Promise

To create spaces with imagination, tradition and love. This belief guides our design, ideas and a stellar team from around the world.

To build happy communities

Our Vision

The one thing that makes us most happy is the joy from the lives we touch.
We want to be known as the harbingers of happiness.

Aap khush toh hum khush
Aapka sukun, humara sukun
Aapki umang, humari umang

Here for Good


With climate change upon us, it’s vital to create environmentally conscious buildings that can adapt to the mercurial weather. Green is in our DNA from architecture, design, material, maintenance - through and through.

Sugam CSR Swayam

We Care through 'Swayam'

Our social initiative

To empower students with education, learning exchange, and life skills. We currently support 34 children with their schooling. In May, 2015, Swayam organised a learning exchange at Kolkata's largest leisure, book and entertainment store chain - Starmark, Quest Mall, Kolkata. Children had an enriching experience exchanging thoughts and ideas. They also had the opportunity to buy books and stationaries of their choice. The fund was sponsored by Mr Ashok Saraf , the trustee of S.T. Saraf Charitable Trust. The 4 hour long session ended with a group photo and distribution of lunch packets to all the students. More such supporting events are organised as a way to give back and grow fuller citizens.