BITM – A Museum for Science

Among the more recent museums built in Kolkata, is the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, lo

    Writer’s Building – Writer Story

    Standing tall in the BBD Bagh area (Dalhousie Square) and covering the entire stretch of the water b

      Rail Museum – A Train of Thoughts

      Among the lesser known museums of the city, is the Eastern Railway Rail Museum, around 500m south to

      Science City Amalgamation of Art and Technology

      In our childhood when we had educational field trips from schools and colleges there were few handfu

      Henry Derozio Whispers of Bengal Renaissance

      Henry Louis Vivian Derozio: the name leaps from the pages of 19th century Indian literature. He was

      Marble Palace the Spirit of Passion Within Walls

      Built in a French architectural style for Raja Rajendra Mullick in 1835, the Marble Palace is now on

      Sabarna Sanghrashala Cluster of Bygone Eras

      In many of the information we sometimes come across the fact that Kolkata was taken in lease from th

        Clock Tower the Pillar that Tells Time

        Considered to be a beautiful weekend destination, Chandannager, along the banks of Hoogly, is situat

        Indian Museum- The Museum that Began An Era

        Every room hides a million tales. Every brick smells of a history, made immortal. Such is the magni

        Victoria Memorial “White Beauty”

        White Marble palaces, kingly grandeur and royal histories have always been a subject of fascination.