Clock Tower – The pillar that tells time

Considered to be a beautiful weekend destination, Chandannager, along the banks of Hoogly, is situated just thirty-five kilometers away from north Calcutta. It is said that the French people once resided there and thus Chandannagar is also an old French Colony. Among many tourist destinations of Chandannagar, Clock Tower is quite famous. 

In a dilapidated condition and yet standing with pride the Clock Tower building withholds the ‘gloire’ of the French people. This one storey structure painted in beige contrasting with maroon outlines, now serves as a police station. The single storey is extended in a bunglow style while from the middle arch structure rises the two storey long feature. In the center of that structure sits the age old clock from where the building derives it’s name. Indeed it is like a tall tower that says the time in roman numerical. And high above it’s head resides the cross of Christ.

The thin block design along the arch adds more to it’s beauty. Another old feature of the wooden windows painted in green can also be found. The great old banyan tree in front of the clock tower contributes to it’s picturesque beauty. Chandannagar is a peaceful place and the Clock towers is an addition to it’s serenity and tranquility.

Did You Know?

The French ruled over Chandannager even after the independence. It was after 1950 that Chandannagar become free and was added to Bengal.