GPO – The Dak Ghor from British Era

Went into action in 1868, the General Post Office of Kolkata or the GPO is now counted among the old heritage buildings of Kolkata. When we stand to find directions on Netaji Subhas Road in B. B. D. Bagh area of Kolkata, a majestic building, larger than life structure hovers over our head. That is the white building; the central post office of Kolkata and the chief post office of West Bengal. It also serves as a Landmark to the people and the tourists.

The domed roof structure situated on the hemisphere supported by white bold Corinthian pillars is the iconic look of this historic building. The clock situated in the middle of the hemisphere tells the correct time to the passersby. The GPO houses the old Postal Museum that was build in 1884. It has a collection of stamps and artifacts. Also in the southwestern wing of the building lies the Philatelic Bureau that helps out students and researchers.

Going back to the Bengal history when post offices were termed as Dak Ghor and mail runners were called ‘dak horkora’, GPO came into action to give a new revolution to the city. It is not only an official territory but also a tourist spot that is largely famous for its architecture. When going through the history of Kolkata, GPO stands tall with its own legend.

Did You Know?

The GPO was built at a cost of Rs 6,30,510/- during the British Era by Walter B. Grenvile and the high domed roof raises over 220 feet.