Kathgola Palace – Hidden gem of Mushirdabad

Along the banks of Bhagirati in Murshirdabad there stands a palace stretching upon a land of 30 acres. With gardens so beautiful and divine temple, Kathgola Palace of Murshirdabad can be considered to be a fine piece of Bengal Architechture. Once owned by Lakshmipat Dugar, the palace is now open for tourists.

The four storeyed building is built in the old Bengal style of architecture.  The dominating colour being ocher yellow, we find the traditional pillar structure supporting the palace. The borders of the pillar have white colour that makes the contrast stand out for making the beauty of the palace more prominent.

The merge between the interior and exterior beauty is done with the help of traditional long verandahs that can be found in early Bengal palatial culture. The green wooden window structure attached over the railings of these long verandahs can also be identified as being a part of the Bengal style.

Palaces and many other heritage buildings can be found at Mushirdabad, which depicts the rich culture of Bengal. One such example can be found within the premises of the Kathgola Palace; the white stone Adinath temple can be considered as a beauty within beauty. The Kathgola gardens and the ponds situated within the premises of the palace and including the temple and palace building completes the Kathgola Palace of Mushirdabad as a cultural heritage that can be studied and appreciated again and again.

Did You Know?

It is said that in the gardens of Kathagola Palace black roses were cultivated. Though we do not find any evidence of such cultivation in the recent times.