Shobha Bazaar- Living like a Raja

Every lane of North Calcutta has a story but one among those upholds the pride of Kolkata. Situated in Raja Nabakrishna Street, Sobhabazar Rajbari contributes to the pride of Bengal when counted among the Old Heritage buildings of Kolkata. It was first built by Raja Nabakrishna Deb and extends from 33 to 36 Raja Nabakrishna Street. It is mainly famous for the Durga Puja hosted by the family but if taken a closer look one may find the minute details attached with its architecture. Also the colour contrast of red & white with green windows contributes to its iconic recognition.

The entrance that is dimly lit encloses the visitors within the walls of history. It is a pathway where the sound echoes but leads to the open courtyard. The Rajbari is built in a way that whoever enters from the main gate can directly have a glimpse of the idol being worshipped in the thakurdalan. The spacious area is capable of hosting the sea of crowd that comes to witness the historical Durga Puja. The courtyard or thakurdalan is situated in the center of the Rajbari and the white building becomes the background for picture perfect memories. The long sitting areas on the sides of the courtyard forms the resting places for visitors who want to just sit and get engrossed within the Bengal culture.

The Rajbari’s thakurdalan has the traditional pillar structure with the arched design above the pillars making it a visual delight. The building gives a feeling of admiration among the visitors. Though it is not that well maintained but successfully withholds the Bengal culture.

Did You Know?

The set of a famous Bengali reality show Didi No. 1 was erected at Sobhabazar Rajbari to give an authentic essence of Durga Puja because the theme of the show during the Puja holidays was the Bengal Culture of Durga Puja.