Star Theatre – Where lived the shining stars!

True to its name the Star Theatre was a star of Bengal in its time of glory. Though now a commercialized cinema hall, Star theatre is still considered to be a part of Kolkata’s rich heritage. At a time when theatre was the main source of communicating to the common people on serious social issues, Star theatre played a big role in uplifting the theatre of Bengal. One among its revolutionary theatre halls, Star theatre has been a witness to many of the famous performers of early Bengal Culture, one notable among them being Noti Binodini Dasi.

The walls of this building entraps within it the echoes of the iconic roles staged here. Built in 1883 by an expert art lover Mr. Gurmukh Roy, star theatre is situated in Bidan Sarani near Shyambazar. The main architecture is in a palatial style with the hanging balcony that can be seen in many bonedi baris of Kolkata. Inside it the theatre hall hosts two to ten shows per month, varying during the pick seasons. As it has been restored by the Government of India according to the recent times, it has changed for better from the old system adding new acoustic sound and stage requirements.

With the emergence of Star Theatre the art of Bengal theatre was raised to a high stature and many of the eminent performers longed to perform in the stage of Star theatre. The audience varied from that of art lovers to high society people, who came to witness the art of stage enactment. While Noti Binodini introduced new style of make-up and theatre inspired from the European form of stage play, Star theatre’s audience appreciated and embraced the evolved culture. The essence of Star theatre remains the same in today’s era while the bygone times left behind its rich history.

Did You Know?

Star Theatre was among its first theatre halls that had Revolving stage giving enough time to the art directors to prepare the set for the next scene.