Ganges – Tilottama’s River

Where the sun rises from behind the iron bars of Howrah Bridge, where morning bathing rituals begin everyday, where there people travel towards their destinations, where there the breeze mixes with the rhythm of the waves – it is the river of Tilottama Nagari. It is Kolkata’s Ganga.

While Kolkata is famous for Durga Puja, the goddess’s idol is made with the soil from Ganga and is immersed into the river after being worshipped. When we speak of Ganga, people may be reminded of their endless memories that they have collected over times during their endless visits to the Ghats. Few eminent places where people go to spend quality time along the river are Princep Ghat, Kumurtuli Ghat, Bagbazaror Maa er Ghat, etc. these Ghats are decorated with varied decorations during occasions such as Valentine’s day, Durga Puja, Holi etc.

As Ganga contributes to our memory lane, there are many livelihoods that depend on the Ganges as well, such as the fishermen, the flower sellers along banks, and also the Majhis that take people for the boat rides. Apart from playing a significant role in the city’s nostalgia, it serves towards people’s day to day life.

Rituals surrounding the river are numerous; Mahalaya’s tarpan, ganga aarti, Kola Bou snan, etc; perhaps their origin lies in the times when Kolkata was Sutanoti. Built upon Ganga’s banks, Tillotama Nagari’s culture is merged with that of the essence of the river.

The aura of the setting sun, that slow mixing yellow hue with orange and ofcourse the never ending waves of Ganga – who doesn't want to just keeping staring at the sight?


Did You Know?

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