Spurring up the EM Bypass along the metro lines

Kolkata, a city with a road space less than 6% the metro has been a thing to cheer for. Taking a taxi from Garia to the Netaji Subhash International Airport will take about 3 hours by car. Since the metro railways were introduced, the time had been cut short to as low as 45 minutes. The heavy demand doesn’t quite make it a joy ride but it’s certainly a relief from the maddening crowd, honking traffic and most importantly, being stuck in the traffic! Metro has become the favored option to communicate for most living in and around the EM Bypass area and it certainly will be playing a more important role for its future. While the number of car owning residents of Kolkata has been increasing manifold, most people justifiably prefer to take the underground.

The EM (eastern Metropolitan) Bypass has been a major connection between eastern Kolkata connecting Bidhannager (northeast Kolkata) and Sonarpur (south Kolkata). The EM Bypass was conceived as a beltway to get over the perennial traffic congestion for the entire Gariahat stretch. The total road runs a total distance of 21 kilometers and has been an important connection for the metropolis. In some cases, it had been rightly referred to as the economic lifeline of the city. The EM Bypass has consequently seen a huge surge in real estate growth and is currently one of the most sought after localities in Kolkata. Several flats in EM Bypass Kolkata have consequently come up around the metro corridor.

The social infrastructure around EM Bypass

Several international brands, restaurants, mall, and brands are mushrooming across the EM Bypass. It’s a locality with a colorful vibe and the Bengali energy. The EM Bypass has in fact ensured that the central Kolkata is not longer places like Dharmatala or Esplanade but the EM Bypass. It is the stretch for several high end schools, hospitals, luxury residential projects and hospitality. It connects the entire city and offers a sough after lifestyle and convenience.

The only lingering problem for the EM Bypass had been connectivity and accessibility. The huge surge in traffic has been leading to increasing congestion. This was consequently taken care of by the Metro Rail network.

Important metro stations along the EM Bypass

The 21 kilometers stretch of the EM Bypass road is made accessible by several metro stations opening up in important localities. It starts from the Shahid Khudiram Metro Station in Rajpur/Sonarpur and ending at Maidan Metro Station (Park Street). Intermediate stations offer access to places like New Garia (Kabi Subhash Station), Purbapara (Kavi Nazrul), Bansdroni (Masterda Surya Sen Station), Tollygunge (Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Station), Bidhanpally (Gitanjali Metro) and Karunamoyee (Netaji Metro Station).

Vivacious, young and colorful, the EM Bypass is a riot of activity across the year. To provide for the conveniences of the residents, the subway has been a long awaited boon. Now, the heart of Kolkata is just an hour away from anywhere in the city.