Coal Belt Asansol

The Asansol-Durgapur coal belt, also known as the Rurh of India, is the next stop for residential growth and rapid industrialization. It is the second largest town after Kolkata and the center of the mining sector in the Eastern India belt. Consequently, the coal belt has become a large scale hub for both public and private sector organizations. This has been bringing in huge interests in residential project developments, as people come flocking in to become a part of the massive growth.

The population of Asansol is about 1 million. However, the best part is that it comprises of 73% literacy rate, much higher than the national average of 59.5%. The tier II city is well connected with the rest of the country via the Grand Trunk Road and several National Highways. The growing economy has given birth to several real estate establishments that offer all the amenities of a modern lifestyle.

What you should be looking for a home in the Asansol Coal Belt?

Highly spacious With the metros like Kolkata reaching a point of saturation in both prospects and growth, it is the tier II cities like Asansol that give the unexplored advantage. Complimenting this is a healthy rise in economic activities. Industrialization also attracts the development of social infrastructure and civic amenities.

New age lifestyle Away from the noise and pollution of the metros, Asansol coal belt assures a lifestyle around more greenery, less noise and more breathing space. If you have been looking for a peaceful life in the midst of a variety of career opportunities, a flat in Asansol coal belt is the place to be.

Higher demands With the competition just taking pace in tier II cities, this is the right time for interested homeowners to take up properties. While this has been of advantage for investors, forward thinking homeowners too are looking to make the most of the opportunities.

Lower pricing The best thing about home ownership in the Asansol Coal Belt is perhaps the nominal pricing. While good localities in metros like Kolkata will ask for exorbitant prices even for less than decent properties, the cost of residential projects in Asansol is still within the reach of the middle class.

Opportunities With a huge industrial growth taking pace, Asansol is already a developed zone. Several government projects are already in place to convert the coal belt into a healthy neighborhood.

Infrastructure On the sidelines of huge real estate growth in the development of living necessities and amenities like hospitals, schools, entertainment complexes, supermarkets, malls, parks and more.

If you have been looking for a new flats or commercial spaces around Kolkata, this is the perfect time to put your investment into the Coal Belt real estate market.