Sponsored by the Sugam group, our CSR wing is called Sugam Seva which has 3 initiatives - Swayam (education), Prithvi (Environment), Jiva (Health)

Student Profiles

Rahul Trivedi

Age 26

Done B-Tech from Academy of Technology. Started working as Data Scientist at St. Gobain, Mumbai.

Ayush Trivedi

Age 19

Completed Class 12 from Birla High School in 2022. Presently doing a MBBS course from Calcutta Medical College 1st year.

Manish K. Shaw

Age 30

Graduated from Heramba Chandra College in 2015. Joined TCS as a Team Manager.

Aryan Shukla

Age 18

Completed Class 12 from St. Denis School in the year 2022. Currently preparing for NEET from the Allen Institute in Kota, Rajasthan.

Puja Gupta

Age 25

Graduated from South City College in 2020. Completed PGPM Program in 2023. Presently pursuing MBA from Liver Pool Business Academy. Working at Jana Small Finance Bank as Business Development Executive.

Pitty Majumdar

Age 30

Graduation from women's Christian college, kolkata Working in Tata consultancy services, kolkata as a senior process associate

Sugam Hosting TEE OFF WITH THE KNIGHTS with Kolkata Knight Riders and Meer Foundation

Our Approach to Student Development

Our duty doesn't just end at providing financial resources to our students, we regularly organise interactive sessions with them, offering diverse learning experiences and opening doors to new horizons, such as visits to museums, excursions, outreach programs, career counselling sessions etc.


Distribution of Laptops and Tablets for Online Studies During Covid-19

Visit to The Indian Museum on 07 May, 2022

Education Outreach Program at I Can Fly Cafe on 18 September, 2022

Visit to Science City on 02 July, 2023

All Events

1. Starmark bookstore visit, 29.05.2015
2. Pandal hopping (Durga Puja), 20.10.2015
3. Birla Industrial & Tech Museum Visit, 29.11.2015
4. I Can fly café students outreach programme, 30.09.2018
5. Agri Horticulture Society of India- Plants Show, 17.02.2019
6. Angry Bird movie, 20.02.2020
7. Artsy Café students programme, 17.10.2020
8. Career counselling, 4.11.2020 to 8.11.2020
9. Indian Museum Visit, 07.05.2022
10. I Can fly café students outreach programme, 18.09.2022
11. Victoria Memorial Visit, 06.03.2021
12. Science City Visit, 02.07.2023

Student Testimonials

Debapriya Dey

Age 23

I come from a very humble background - a lower-middle-class family where my dad was the breadwinner. Unfortunately, he had a major accident at work, breaking his spinal cord from a fall. It hit us hard financially, making ends meet was a struggle. My parents worked tirelessly to support my education. That's when we found Swayam. They welcomed us with open arms, offering a new hope.
Since then, Swayam has been a rock for us. They helped with my educational expenses and were there with encouraging words, pushing me to follow my heart. They didn't just stop at financial support; they listened to our problems, organized outings where we learned and had a blast. Swayam is a blessing, and I'll forever be grateful. Now, I'm pursuing an M.A., dreaming of making my parents and Swayam proud. My goal is to give back the kindness and support I've received from Swayam.

Babai Mondal

I am pursuing B-Tech in Civil Engineering after completing my diploma in civil engineering. The journey from Class 11 to B-Tech has been made possible, and it's all thanks to Swayam. My father, a daily labourer, couldn't afford to finance my higher education, but Swayam stepped in to support me. They've been with us not just financially but also mentally, even organizing trips for us.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Swayam looked after me and my family, providing assurance and cooperation. Just like parents stand by a child in any situation, they have stood with me throughout this journey. Swayam’s contribution is like that of parents, indispensable to every step of my life development. I am the first B.Tech Civil Engineer in my family, and it's all possible because of the SWAYAM team. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Saraf and the entire Swayam team.

Devanshu Bagga

Age 29

Swayam has been a major part of my life, helping me with my education and other necessities during the pandemic. Swayam is not only a charity for me, it's a significant part of my life. I can say this because I have been associated with Swayam for the past decade. The staff and Mr. Saraf, have helped us so much with our financial needs and have taken care of all the educational burden. Mr. Saraf is one of the most charitable people I have ever met, and the work that he has been doing for so many years is extraordinary. Swayam has all my respect, love, and blessings, and I am eternally grateful to it.

Satish Sharma

I would like to thank our honourable Sir, Mr. Ashok Saraf, who is a great gentleman. Swayam Trust has made us stand on our feet. They have provided us with all the amenities and facilities, be it for studies, entertainment, tours, etc. With the help of Swayam Trust, I pursued my studies, and today I am a Purchasing Manager at HALDIRAM BHUJIAWALA LTD.
So, I would like to thank once again and hope that this trust continues to work like this in the future as well.

Rahul Trivedi

Age 26

I am deeply grateful to Swayam for selecting me for the sponsorship during my academic journey at BGESS School and the Academy of Technology (2014-2019). Your invaluable financial support empowered me to achieve a degree in Computer Science Engineering, paving the way for my success as a Data Scientist at Saint Gobain Mumbai. As the first in my family to pursue Engineering, this achievement was made possible by your sponsorship, allowing me to focus on my studies. Swayam's support not only shaped my path but also contributed to my brother Ayush Trivedi's dream of becoming a Doctor. I am committed to paying it forward by making a positive impact on the educational journeys of future students.

Puja Mishra

College 2nd year & CMA

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for Swayam’s unwavering commitment to the education of underprivileged students. The most fulfilling form of charity is providing education to those who dream of a brighter future. When I first met Mr. Saraf in 2015-16, he became a pillar of support for my studies. Not only for me but also for my elder brother, Mr. Saraf and his team have been nothing short of a real-life 'God,' guiding us through our academic journey. Coming from a humble background, my brother and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Mr. Saraf's support. He started helping me from Class 5, and now I find myself in college (2nd year) pursuing a Professional Course in CMA, all thanks to Swayam. My brother, who began in Class 8, is now on the path to becoming a CA. I extend my gratitude once again for sponsoring our education. Mr. Saraf's charitable spirit is a true source of inspiration, making education accessible to students with dreams but facing family challenges. This is my sincere thank you for his generous contributions and encouragement that are shaping me and my brother into great individuals for the future.

Here’s to making a difference!