Bengali Short Film by Sugam on Building Happy Communities

Is the Lockdown Redefining Family Bonds?

The current lockdown has proved to be the perfect reset button that we all needed to press but were unable to. This adverse situation has allowed us to strengthen our family bonds while enhancing human attachment within the community. With family members staying together under one roof, can there be a better time to nourish or rekindle the lost emotional bond with our close ones?

Understanding this opportunity, Sugam Homes has made its first-ever digital film that features some of the most prominent faces in the Tollywood industry. With Soumitra Chatterjee, Sabitri Chatterjee and Rudranil Ghosh in one frame, the movie caters to the trend defining an urban lifestyle along with highlighting the untapped facts about nuclear families staying in apartments.

The movie tells a story about a family where Soumitra Chatterjee and Sabitri Chatterjee play a couple that takes care of Rudranil Ghosh who is bound to a wheelchair. This Bangla video specifically throws light on the fact even though our families are becoming smaller in size as we choose to live in apartments, the human bond has become more transactional and the human touch has not evaporated.

The short film is defined by Rudranil Ghosh’s voice in the background where he narrates his life on the wheelchair. Suffering from paralysis due to an accident, Rudranil speaks about his inability to become a source of support to his parents. Spending year after year with their help (Soumitra & Sabitri), he wishes to take his parents on a vacation, gift them presents and become their support for a lifetime as others do. But he remains doubtful – can he fulfil these lurking desires in his heart on a wheelchair? Even so, the unconditional love, care and support of Soumitra Chatterjee and Sabitri Chatterjee gives him the strength to fight his condition. Their never-ending support goes on to prove that the concept of family can go much beyond blood ties.


Simple Ways to Nourish Your Family Bond During the Lockdown

Reduce Screen Time
Sources of entertainment such as mobile phones and video games should not take up maximum time. Instead, indulge in heart to heart conversations with each other, sharing hopes and fears, dreams and concerns to develop a stronger bond.

Walk Down the Memory Lane
Take this time to flip through a few old photo albums together to revisit some old memories with your close ones.

Nurture a Hobby
Parents should take an active part in nurturing the hobbies of their children by understanding the same and encouraging their children to participate wholeheartedly.

Daily Chores
Carrying out household chores can be mundane until everyone in the family takes part in it.

Play with Your Kids
With school and tuition on hold, it’s the best time to play with your children a variety of card or board games.


Understanding the role that a home plays in our lives, we at Sugam Homes, believe that it goes beyond the functional structure that holds it together. Hence, each of our projects is curated to provide families with thoughtful spaces and upgraded facilities for a better lifestyle, thereby building happy communities. Hence, we strive to offer a lifestyle that cannot be experienced or felt anywhere else.

Because we believe that family always comes first.