“Interior Designing” – An Interview with Krys Tomaryk

An architect of international repute, Krys Tomaryk has been leading the designing aspect two of the most prestigious residential projects in the heart of Kolkata. Developed under the Sugam Homes banner, these projects will go on to redefine the lifestyle scenario in a couple of years. We managed to make Krys spare an hour to get a sneak peek into his style of working and some of his personal thoughts in residential designing. Here are some snippets from the interview:

What defines the ethos of Tomaryk Designs?

Krys: Tomaryk Designs is all about people and their natural environment. While most residential projects are completely focused on commercial gains, I like to work on projects that aim to bring back the charm of a home and connect people with nature. Its about how you utilize the space and make it a harmonious semblance of space and its relationship with nature. Consequently, we work on designs that offer a better, healthier and greener living.

How has landscape Designing gained prominence among modern homeowners? Even people living in small condos are investing in planned landscape in the interiors of their homes and outside.

Krys: Its a scarcity of choices out there. Given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to have a green space to themselves? However, with full-on development, the options are limited. The good thing however, is that the modern generation of homeowners are eyeing premises that present the opportunity and are even ready to spend a few extra bucks. With the right strategy to interior designing and outdoor landscaping, we certainly can do our best.

What makes you stand out among other designers?

At first though, Krys doesn’t believe that he’s not over other designers. That was humble of him but he does believe that his designs should always add to the living experience in a positive manner.

What defines a challenging project from you?

Krys: Probably, its about how to best convert the space to fit to the specific requirements of the customers.

Hailing from UK, you have been involved in dream projects across the world. How do you see the impact of modern landscape on the habitability of the place and overall impact on the residents of a well landscaped community?

Krys: For healthy communities, it is imperative that there is a major consideration of the environment around. In big cities like Kolkata or for that matter, London, habitability has took the backseat and it has been all about being able to find a space in the center of the city. With natural landscapes dwindling, it certainly does impact the living experience. However, a well designed interior and outdoor landscaping can bring back the much required balance.

You have been working with the Sugam Group for more than 2 years. What efforts have they taken to really make a difference to the community they build?

Krys: Sugam has been one of the most responsible developers I have worked with. If you are getting a well designed, spacious and community centric living environment at the same price that you would spend for spaces that are all about concrete, you already know the difference. In fact, it is Sugam’s approach towards a well rounded community and not just living spaces that makes me more interested in the tow projects that I am currently working upon.

What landscape feature is the highlight of each site?

With Sugam Sudhir, the landscape already presents a lot of natural avenues for designing and landscaping. We have been working on themes that break the barriers and offer the integration of workplaces, personal spaces and social development, centered on a balanced environment. With Sugam Serenity on the other hand, we had a lack of these pre-existing avenues. Consequently, several strategies have been taken to come up with an artificially integrated environment that echoes our choices in residential setups.

How does your design in the Sugam Projects make the spaces more livable?

Each of the Sugam projects have been designed to offer an experience that make people comfortable. We try to create interiors that people will be able to relate to, be it kids, teens, adults or senior citizens. Its the intent of space that matters for us the most.

Lastly, what was the most special thing you bought for your home?

Krys: My wife, I believe! Well, on a serious though, it would be a pair of speakers that are integrated with lights that dance on the frequency. It does make my experience a little more ambient, a little more pleasurable.