Sugam Homes_Blending Luxury and Comfort in Kolkata’s Real Estate

Sugam Homes: Blending Luxury and Comfort in Kolkata’s Real Estate

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, a revolution in luxury living is unfolding. We are at the heart of this transformation, redefining living standards by harmonizing luxury with comfort. Recognized as a leading real estate entity in the city, our commitment is to provide living spaces that are not just homes, but havens of luxury […]

Urban Lakes: Perfectly Located Flats Near Konnagar Station, Kolkata

Urban Lakes in Konnagar, Kolkata, stands as a beacon of modern living harmoniously intertwined with nature’s tranquillity. This expansive 13-acre development is more than a mere housing complex; it’s a serene haven nestled in the bustling city. Its strategic location near Konnagar Station is a testament to its excellent connectivity, offering a perfect blend of […]

Sugam Prakriti: Elegant Living Just Steps from Garia Metro Station

Welcome to Sugam Prakriti, where elegance meets convenience in the heart of South Kolkata. Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Garia Metro Station, Sugam Prakriti offers a harmonious blend of comfort and accessibility, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a serene yet connected lifestyle. Experience the Comfort of Connectivity Living at Sugam […]

Sugam Habitat: Discover the Finest 3 BHK Flats on EM Bypass, Kolkata

Sugam Habitat emerges as a beacon of contemporary living in Kolkata’s vibrant landscape. Situated on the bustling EM Bypass, this prestigious project is a perfect amalgamation of luxury, convenience, and tranquillity. In this detailed exploration, we delve into the unique aspects of Sugam Habitat, highlighting why it stands as the ideal choice for discerning individuals […]

Navya: The Ultimate Destination for Flats Near Dumdum Airport

In the heart of Kolkata’s dynamic urban landscape, Navya by Sugam Homes stands as a modern residential marvel. This prestigious project, with its strategic proximity to Dumdum Airport, redefines convenience and luxury living. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll uncover the myriad facets that make Navya the preferred choice for discerning homebuyers seeking flats near Dumdum […]

Experience Dubai’s Luxury in Kolkata’s Heart – Welcome to Niavara

Welcome to Niavara, a dazzling gem nestled in the heart of Kolkata, where the opulence of Dubai meets the rich cultural tapestry of one of India’s most vibrant cities. This article takes you on a journey through Niavara, a unique destination that promises an experience akin to the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai, blended seamlessly with […]

GST rate reductions help

How Will GST Rate Reductions Help Home Buyers?

GST plays a vital role when someone decides to buy a property. Read on to understand how GST rate reduction helps home buyers.

5 Benefits of Residing Amidst Nature

Why should we integrate nature into our daily lives? Our continuously evolving necessities are tracing us back to the saying “Man is a species ofNature”. People are now looking for homes that lie in the lap of nature and are opting forapartments with a perfect balance of modern amenities and a green space. Sugam’s recentreal […]

Connectivity of Urban Lakes – Making Life Convenient in Every Sphere!

Buying a home is not only a capital-intensive investment, it is also about choosing a safe space for your loved ones. It is hence crucial to make a well-informed decision while deciding the location of your residence. At Urban Lakes Konnagar, you not only get a secure and convenient neighbourhood but the connectivity via Ferry, […]

At Urban Lakes, you get the lifestyle you deserve!

The best flats in Konnagar are now located at the banks of the Hooghly, brought to you by Urban Lakes. It is contemporary living with comfort, security and privacy. It took a global pandemic for us to realise the immediate effect of our physical spaces on us. Since we have spent more time at home […]