Book Future Ready AC Flats in Tollygunge with Morya

When you hear the name Tollygunge, what resonates in your mind? To begin with, Tollygunge has been one of the posh locales in Kolkata for a long time now. Since the 60s or 70s era, Tollygunge was know

Book Your Luxury Flats With Best Residential Project in Kolkata South

The southern part has always had an edge over the other regions in Kolkata. Hailed as a topnotch residential area, South Kolkata fulfils requirements on all fronts of day to day living. Blessed with t

Buying Guide to Book Your Fine Duplex Flats in Kolkata

Imagine getting the benefits of two in one. Yes, it’s just like the ice cream, but so much better than that. We’re talking about a duplex apartment! While it looks like an ordinary home from the o

Buying Home Becomes Necessity Despite COVID-19 Challenges

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has left the homebuyers or the potential homebuyers with the dilemma- to buy or not to buy a new home? Hence, before contemplating any further or deciding to invest in

Clock Tower the Pillar that Tells Time

Considered to be a beautiful weekend destination, Chandannager, along the banks of Hoogly, is situated just thirty-five kilometers away from north Calcutta. It is said that the French people once resi

Coal Belt Asansol

The Asansol-Durgapur coal belt, also known as the Rurh of India, is the next stop for residential growth and rapid industrialization. It is the second largest town after Kolkata and the center of the

College Street- The Road to Knowledge

If you asked someone staying in Kolkata, where could you buy a very old book currently unavailable in the Oxfords and the Starmarks and the so called sophisticated book stores of the city, you’l

Connectivity of Urban Lakes – Making Life Convenient in Every Sphere!

  Buying a home is not only a capital-intensive investment, it is also about choosing a safe space for your loved ones. It is hence crucial to make a well-informed decision while deciding the loc

Dakshineswar -A Dream

It was just the night before my pilgrimage to Banaras was about to begin. Yes I could clearly remember that dream; only it was not a dream. It was real. The divine goddess was real. Her instructions w

Decoding the Lifestyle of South Kolkata

Kolkata the sprawling metropolis, flanked by the River Hooghly, offers a legacy that is proudly carried by its 14 million residents. It is eastern India first city to retain the status of being a fina

Eco-friendly Housing in EM Bypass to Book Your Dream Flat

‘Go Green’ has become a trend and an essential motto in every aspect of our lives. From skincare brands to clothing, from food products to electronics and even housing projects, brands are

Eco-Friendly Housing with Sugam Habitat Offers Flats in EM Bypass

Did you ever happen to think why every developer in today’s world is making sure to incorporate some amount of greenery within the project premises? You cannot deny the fact that our lifestyle i