Connectivity of Urban Lakes – Making Life Convenient in Every Sphere!

Buying a home is not only a capital-intensive investment, it is also about choosing a safe space for your loved ones. It is hence crucial to make a well-informed decision while deciding the location of your residence. At Urban Lakes Konnagar, you not only get a secure and convenient neighbourhood but the connectivity via Ferry, Metro, Railway and Roads, make it effectively efficient.

Excellent connectivity and an abundant neighbourhood are the most important features to keep in mind when finalising your residential location. The best 2/3BHK flats in Konnagar are located at Urban Lakes at the banks of the Hooghly River, just 150 metres away from the Konnagar Railway station, while also being well connected to GT Road, Konnagar ferry boat and the Dakshineshwar Metro Station.

Not just the house, the entire neighbourhood must meet your expectations and satisfy your individual and family requirements as you will be spending most of your lifetime in the neighbourhood. It goes without saying that you have to select it to keep the collective well-being of your family. The importance of connectivity to important social amenities like schools, hospitals and shopping malls is crucial as well.

The best 2/3BHK flats at urban Lakes Konnagar are well surrounded by various social facilities that are essential for a well-rounded lifestyle. The nearest school is 1.3km away, healthcare options such as clinics and hospitals are situated within a 2km radius and various entertainment hubs such as a mall and a shopping complex surround this serene residential space. Belur Math and the Dakshineshwar Temple are on 30minutes away from home at Urban Lakes, Konnagar, while Howrah Station is just 20minutes away.

The adequate location of Urban Lakes in Konnagar makes these 2/3BHK flats the best apartments near you while providing your family with a secure and comfortable lifestyle!