Housing Complex in Garia Offering Duplex Flats in Kolkata

While duplex apartments have been there for quite a long time, recently it is becoming a trend in Kolkata and popular among the residents of Kolkata. Owning a duplex apartment in Kolkata is a whole new experience. Such apartments are defined by unmatched classy appearance spread across two floors, thereby bringing you double the fun […]

Your Eco-Friendly House Construction at Em Bypass by Sugam Homes

Are you looking for an eco-friendly residential project in Kolkata? You have to admit that it is quite tough to find one, especially in a metro city, right? The increasing pollution and environmental hazard are compelling people to adopt the eco-friendly way of living. ‘Go Green’ has become the motto for a plethora of individuals […]

Bengali Short Film by Sugam on Building Happy Communities

Is the Lockdown Redefining Family Bonds? The current lockdown has proved to be the perfect reset button that we all needed to press but were unable to. This adverse situation has allowed us to strengthen our family bonds while enhancing human attachment within the community. With family members staying together under one roof, can there […]

Your One Stop Destination to Book Duplex Flats in Sonarpur

Imagine living in an apartment with a living room, balcony, washroom and bedrooms spread across two floors? Sounds exciting right? However, it is not quite easy to find a duplex apartment in Kolkata as most of the projects focus on providing the conventional ones. However, Sugam Homes has made sure to actualize this concept. Understanding […]

Book Duplex Flats in Garia with Sugam Sudhir Housing Complex

Do you wish to own a duplex flat in Kolkata? To begin with, it is something that most of us wish for as duplex apartments are more spacious backed by a better layout when compared to conventional apartments. Plus, a duplex apartment naturally possesses an aesthetic appearance which upon decoration looks stunning. However, not every […]

Eco-friendly Living with Flats in Picnic Garden near Em Bypass

The modern, urban living conditions cancel out the presence of greenery and nature from our lifestyle. With each passing day, trees are being cut down to build buildings and other commercial structures to support modern living tied by the string of technology. However, are you aware of the fact that such measures and more are […]

Book Future Ready AC Flats in Tollygunge with Morya

When you hear the name Tollygunge, what resonates in your mind? To begin with, Tollygunge has been one of the posh locales in Kolkata for a long time now. Since the 60s or 70s era, Tollygunge was known to be the address of some of the most iconic personalities in Kolkata from politics, academics and […]

BITM – A Museum for Science

Among the more recent museums built in Kolkata, is the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, located at Gurusuday Road Ballygunge. Unlike the traditional museums that house historical artefacts, this museum instead, explains complicated, scientific phenomena in amusing and interesting ways. It also tries to create awareness among the general public about various impending ecological issues, […]

Writer’s Building – Writer Story

Standing tall in the BBD Bagh area (Dalhousie Square) and covering the entire stretch of the water body, the Lal Dighi, a stately structure serves as the secretariat building of the State Government of West Bengal. This is the Writers Building. During the British rule, due to the increasing need for a building to carry […]

Rail Museum – A Train of Thoughts

Among the lesser known museums of the city, is the Eastern Railway Rail Museum, around 500m south to the Howrah station, Kolkata. A walk along the Foreshore Road, keeping the river Hooghly on the right, helps one to arrive at this small museum, maintained by the Eastern Railway Department. With exhibits of historical importance to […]